Tuesday, 23 December 2014


Today Aaron would've turned 42. If he were here I would love teasing him about what an old man he was, but 42 is way too young to not be here.  We planned to get together with my friends Simone and Lisa and their families, like we have for Aaron's other birthdays since he passed away, but yesterday was a really hard day, and I messaged them and told them I wasn't really feeling like doing it, and we would see how I felt today.  This morning I woke up feeling a lot more on top of things, so told them to keep our plans. 

I still find that the days leading up to an anniversary or birthday is the hardest, but once the day is here it's usually okay.  I woke up this morning feeling okay, and had a busy day which probably made it a lot easier.

It was lovely to catch up with an old school friend this afternoon, who I haven't seen for probably 8 years or more.  Bec, Tonya and I went to school together from Kindergarten right through to year 12, so we have known each other for over 36 years.  Tonya now lives in New Zealand and it was lovely to hear about the things she has been up to, and meet her partner.
This afternoon we had our annual BBQ with Simone and Lisa and their families for Aaron's birthday.  The weather wasn't great, but it was still warm. The kids had fun playing cricket.
I told Kobe to sit next to Eden for a photo, and made them sit close and then Kobe said 'I need my personal space!!' which cracked us all up.  

Simon made a pav which I would say was very yummy but I resisted having a piece :)
Just as we started to talk about heading to the cemetery, it started pouring down with rain. The kids thought it was great fun!  

Just as we were about to get to the cemetery I noticed a bit of blue sky, and I joked with the boys that Dad made it rain for a little bit so he could send us a rainbow.  Just as I said that we turned the corner and there it was!  Right over the top of the cemetery!
Jalen still isn't convinced that it's not a coincidence, but it's happened far too many times that we've seen a rainbow or double rainbow at times when we have been feeling sad or talking a lot about Aaron and Noah, or I have done something with the boys that I know Aaron would've loved.

My Mum and Dad had beaten us to the cemetery and were just walking out as we were going in.  They got stuck in the rain, and we had a laugh when we saw how drenched they were.

The rain cleared while we were walking in. 

We all had a Pepsi for Aaron, before letting the balloons go.

We just had to get a selfie :) I'm so glad that I didn't decide to cancel our annual tradition, because the day turned out much nicer than I thought it would be.  These girls always make me laugh. Who would've thought almost three years ago that we would be smiling away at the cemetery, drinking Pepsi and taking selfies!

I loved seeing Flynn playing with Noah's Christmas toys at his grave.  I'm sure Noah would've loved it too. 

When we got home the missionaries from church rang to see if we were home.  I told them we were, and they said they were coming around.  We got a lovely surprise with all of the missionaries who are serving in the north of Tasmania turn up, with my Uncle Tom to sing us a couple of Christmas carols.
We were especially excited that one of our favourite missionaries - Elder Sargeant was with them, as he is still in Hobart.  He has spent over half his mission in Tasmania!
Tonight there was a beautiful sunset, which I only just caught the end of.  It was nice to feel that Aaron was around, and the day was much easier than I thought. 


  1. you might not feel like it at times, but you are such a trooper! there can only be many sweet rewards waiting for you in the future, love you. xxx

  2. What a beautiful celebration!
    And the rain, the blue sky and the full rainbow!
    Dear Lisa, you and your beautiful family
    are always in my prayers .
    Have a beautiful and peaceful Merry Christmas <3

  3. Beautiful post. I'm a friend of Lisa W. from Provo. I'm so sorry for your heartache and pain of losing your so and husband. Glad Lisa is there to help you smile through the pain. You are loved. -Sarah Banks.


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