Sunday, 14 December 2014

Memorial Awards

It's the time of year which is always hard, but also special as I get to give out memorial awards for Aaron and Noah at the boy's school and also Kings Meadows High School.  This week both schools had their end of year assemblies.

When Noah passed away, Aaron and I knew we wanted to donate a special end of year prize to a student at both schools.  At Punchbowl the award is the 'Noah King Friendship Award' and can be awarded to any student in the school, who shows special care and concern for others.  We felt it was important, because many kids can be recognised for academic, sporting or other achievements, but other qualities such as showing kindness are just as important. 

There were so many kids at the school who were always so kind to Noah, just because they wanted to be.  They didn't do it for recognition, or because they were asked to.  They were just beautiful kids who treated Noah like everyone else, and it meant a lot to us.  

This year the award went to a grade 6 boy - Corin Davis. I don't know Corin very well, but have been told by many of the teachers and also parents, and students what a lovely boy he is.   It's nice to know that someone so deserving won it again this year.
We've had a few days of sickness in our house, and Kobe had to stay home from school for a couple of days.  Luckily I didn't have to work on the day of the KMHS Presentation Assembly, and was planning on going along on my own to present the awards this year, but even though Kobe wasn't well enough for school, he was okay to come along with me and was great company.
The memorial award for Noah is for a Child Studies student who shows a genuine concern for children.  This year it went to Abbie Springer.  Abbie was there when I did my talk in their Child Studies this year, so it's nice to know that she knew a little bit about Noah, even though she never got to meet him.  

This year Aaron's memorial award went to Gareth Holt.  The award is for a grade 9 student who is hardworking, endeavors to do their best academically, is compassionate and has a love for all sports.  The teachers decided that these were all qualities that Aaron had, and things that he would love to see in any student. I was told by Aaron's good friend that he used to teach with, that Gareth was very deserving of the award this year, and from what I've heard about him I know Aaron would love him.

Gareth and his Mum told me that he had just started grade 7 a couple of weeks after Aaron passed away, so he didn't know Aaron, but was at his school memorial service.   I feel sad that no more students at the school will have met Aaron in person, but would've only heard about him. 

I'm glad that I have the opportunity to continue to donate the awards to both schools, so that both my boys can be remembered, and so that students can be rewarded for qualities which I know that Aaron and Noah would love.  

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