Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Widows and Friends

This afternoon I was so excited to see photos pop up on Instagram of these amazing women together, who I have 'met' and are part of the 'widow wives club'

Carly, Aly, Keri and Tiffany all met today in Utah.  I wish so much I had a passport and a spare couple of thousand ( or five) lying around, so I could've jumped on a plane to have met with them too.  I have been a widow the longest (by just 20 days) so it's crazy to think about what has happened to all of us in the past two years. 

I know that their hearts are broken as much as mine, but it's so lovely to see them all smiling together. 
Carly said that they had a great night eating, laughing, crying, and trying to figure out how to make it through without 'our boys'.   Tiffany has 'only' been a widow for over few months, so I'm so happy for her that she could meet them so soon.  I wish that I had that support early on.


  1. I found your blog not long after your husband had passed. It's so hard to believe it's been two years. My husband suddenly passed away at the age of 40 nine years ago. I remember it so vividly yet it is like a whole other life time ago at this point. Looking back, so many relationships changed for me. Most of the couples that we were friends with are no longer more than just casual acquaintances now. Several male friends lost their wives not long before my husband passed and we would talk about raising our children as single parents (I had three young sons) but it wasn't the same as if I had another widow to talk to. Life is very different when you're single. It was difficult for me in social situations in the beginning. I could've been in a room with a hundred other people and I would still feel alone. To me, loneliness has to be one of the most difficult things to deal with. I'm so glad those beautiful ladies in Utah have each other. Is there anyone in your circle of friends that has lost their spouse?

    Your children look brilliantly happy and that comes from a strong and happy Mama!!! You are truly an inspiration to me. Losing a husband is a horrible thing but you have also lost a child and that is beyond my comprehension. I wish you the happiest and healthiest of New Years and I know that you have nothing but wonderful things to look forward to. I'm sending love and hugs to you from New York!!!!! Namaste!!! XOXOXOXO

    ~ Wendy McDonagh-Valentine (I have since remarried and have a three year old daughter to add to the boys. I hyphenate my last name using my first and second husbands' names so I'm not different from the children.)

    1. I know of a lady who was widowed a couple of years ago on Halloween. She also hyphenated her last names like that (her late husband's last name, and her new one's last name).

  2. Though I am happy that you all made a connection, it is so very very sad to me that it was done so tragically. I am 55 yrs old married 34 years, 2 children a son and daughter, and four grandchildren, and will now consider my self even more blessed as I look at the face of those young women. Were anyone of them widows to husbands in the Military? Take care of yourself your blog is beautiful. Nadine, Tallahassee, Florida

  3. We were there as a family last week. Let heavenly father know you want to be there for the next meet up. He'll make it happen. It is an amazing place , the temple inside is unreal! Everyone needs to go to mecca! Nic in nz


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