Sunday, 19 January 2014

'Our' Beach House

It was a really hard decision for Mum and Dad to move house after being in the same house for over 25 years, and I know they really miss it, but we are loving their sea change.

The first few weeks of summer holidays were hard.   It's hard to enjoy having holidays, when all we wish is that Noah and Aaron were here, and all of us find it especially during the holidays when we are together all the time, without them.   We try to keep busy and the best week we've had so far of the holidays is the time we've spent at Mum and Dad's new house.

They live a five minute walk from the beach and very close to two of my brothers and their families.  Every time I go there I think how awesome it would be to live close to the beach, but I don't think I would ever move.  It's just nice to have somewhere to stay and it feels like we have our own beach house now.

We were lucky to be there when we had the best week of weather of the holidays, so far.  The heatwave had hit Tasmania and we were loving the hot days, as we could jump in the water all day.  Every day we would spend hours at the beach.   We would go to the beach where dogs were allowed off their leash during the day and had a great time with Milly, who loved the beach as much as we did, and would fetch the tennis ball for hours.   I was having such a lovely time, that I didn't even take my camera and only took photos on my phone.   

She was a bit confused about the tennis ball on the totem tennis, and kept wanting to fetch it.
Most days it was hard to drag ourselves away from the beach. 

 It was great having my friend Simone and some of her kids come to hang out with us one day. 

 Every day we would wait for the tide to go out so we could do our daily walk to the island.
When the tide is in all this sand is totally covered by water, so it was fun walking to the island and playing in the pools of water that were left behind.  They were always so warm and Kobe loved to play in them. 
Kobe yelled out to me 'look Mum! I'm walking on water like Jesus did!'.  It cracked me up. 
Grandma showed the boys her cartwheels.  Not bad for an oldie who turned sixty one while we were there :)

Often the water is too cold for me to want to swim, but it was so nice (for Tassie at least) and I couldn't wait to get in every day.  I felt like I was back to my childhood when I would just spend all day in the water, but in a lot of ways I felt like I was also doing it for Aaron, because he would usually be the one in the water playing with the boys lots.  We kept saying how much Aaron would've loved it if he were with us.  
We had to drag Milly in and it was the first time she had ever swum.  The boys couldn't believe it when she just knew how to swim.  She wasn't keen on the water and would try to get away from the water's edge if she thought we were going to try to get her in the water.  I guess she must be more poodle than labradoor as apparently labs love the water, but she would much prefer to be watching us from the beach. 

When we weren't at the beach we loved going to the pool to swim. 

Every night after tea we loved going for a walk, bike ride and scooter rides. 

We loved spending time with Mum and Dad at 'our' new beach house.  I'm sure it's going to be one of our favourite places we will be spending time at, each summer from now on. 


  1. I loved having you and the boys here, and it will be even better when the new house is built.
    Love Mum.

  2. What a beautiful place! I have always wanted to live somewhere by water...but it is landlocked Ohio for us! :-)

  3. If you can't actually live at the beach yourself, this is the next best thing! Beautiful! ~Lisa USA

  4. That is our favorite kind of holiday!! Glad you all had a good time. I would love to live walking distance to the beach.

  5. I haven't commented before... Thanks for sharing all these memories.
    Glenda - USA

  6. Priceless memories, stunning photography, great writing, adorable children and a really, really loving mom. Praying you have many more days like these.
    Oh, and Milly is simply adorable!

  7. How fun is that. I'm so glad you are having a wonderful time with your family and boys. Can't imagine what you are going through but I hoping these great times together bring happiness to your soul. Utah


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