Wednesday, 27 January 2016

We Can Do Hard Things: The Sullengers

Because of the things we have been through as a family, I have been able to 'meet' some amazing people online. It's my dream to be able to meet some of these people in person one day, but for now I just admire them and what they do from their blogs, Instagram and through becoming friends on Facebook. 

My friend Simone would often talk to me about Ashley Sullenger even before Noah  passed away. Ashley and her husband Pat have a beautiful daughter who died after falling into a canal when she was very young.  Since then they have had three bery cute boys, including twins. I love reading Ashley's blog as it's so real and she shares a lot about what grief is like for them. 
I have done a guest post on Ashley's blog before, and when she asked me again if I would like to take part in a new idea for her blog, I was more than happy to as I hope that what I'm able to share, can help others who are going through similar things.  

Ashley has started a section on her blog called 'We Can Do Hard Things' and every week she is putting up ideas of how to help someone who is going through a hard trial - including death of a spouse or child, financial difficulties, having a child with a disability, infertility  or illness.  

Unfortunately I had a lot to contribute, but I told her I'm happy to do it as I wish that I had been able to read something like this, to help others.  
You can read my responses to Ashley's questions about the death of a spouse on her blog at

She even had a friend of hers create this lovely card, after I mentioned how nice it was when people remembered that Father's Day and Mother's Day are now extra hard, and sent a card or message to us.  You can download it from her blog. 

Thank you for asking me to take part Ashley. 

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