Wednesday, 20 January 2016

In the Media

When we got home from Hobart a couple of weeks, one of our neighbours had put a note in our mailbox with this newspaper clipping. When I first saw it I thought it was an old clipping, but then I read the note and she said that we had been in the paper again, as a part of a wrap up of news from 2015.  I was very surprised that our local newspaper had put it in again, but it's so nice to have so much community support.

In December I got an email from one of the women who works for Barnados, who ran the Mother of the Year awards. She wanted to know how I felt about doing another interview for Woman's Day magazine, as she felt like we had a great story and it would help promote the Mother of the Year awards for this year. I told her that was fine, and a few days later I did a phone interview with a reporter from Woman's Day.

Last week the article was in the magazine, and we kept stopping at different service stations on the way home from Hobart to buy it, but the new edition hadn't come in yet.  At one service station I asked the guy at the counter if he had this week's edition yet. He said he didn't and then said 'what do you want it for? The crosswords!? Everyone tells me they want it for the crosswords, but I know they really want it for the celebrity gossip!'. I laughed and told him that I didn't want it for the crosswords, but wanted it because I was going to be in it. The lady working with him looked at me with a big grin, and then he said 'really!? What for? Some scandal!?'.  He was very funny. I then told them that I was awarded Mother of the Year last year and they were doing a story about it.  He didn't ask me why, and I didn't want to say anymore, but he said he looked forward to reading it, when it came in.

Mum was with me on the way back from Hobart, and we finally both got a magazine at the IGA supermarket in Campbeltown.  We flipped it open to see if it was in and had to laugh at the heading. Mum said 'that would be right! You're not just Mother of the Year, you're now the bravest Mum in Australia!'.  I've been saying ever since, that I'm not that brave, as I'm not brave enough to climb to the top of the rock climbing wall! You can read the article online at the Barnados website here

This morning we had an appointment and they had some magazines in the waiting room. Kobe was excited to find the one that we were in, and sat reading it.
It's still strange to see ourselves in magazines and the newspaper, but it's so lovely to have so much support. 

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