Monday, 25 May 2015

Photos from Woman's Day

I'm sure that everyone is over the Mother of the Year posts, but this is our family journal so I'm making sure I add everything, so we always have a record of it.

At the state Mother of the Year ceremony we had some photos taken by a photographer who was with Woman's Day Magazine.  He waited around until all of the media had finished interviewing us, and all the other photographers had taken pictures, before he came up and told me he was with Woman's Day and that he was hoping to get some photos.

I totally thought he was joking at first, but he assured me that he was with Woman's Day and that we would be featured in a story about all the state finalists.  He was a very funny guy and had us laughing the whole time with his jokes.  I'm sure he was doing it just so we would relax and it worked as he got some lovely photos of the boys and I together.  This was the photo that the magazine used in the end. 
Barnados just sent us a disc with all the photos that he took on it. It's been fun to see some different photos from the state announcement.  There were so many people taking photos during the announcement that I didn't really notice him while it was going on.

 Just as it was announced that I was the state finalist.  My face says it all - I couldn't believe that the premier just said my name!  I love that the lady from Barnados has her arm around mine - she obviously knew the whole time.  I also love Harri's reaction and my friend Lisa behind him.
 I was so shocked but also happy to be the state finalist, but I couldn't help but feel sad for the other two amazing Mums who I think also deserved it.

 No idea what we are laughing about here.
The boys having a chat with the premier after the announcement. I think I'm nervous about what the boys are going to say! ;)

 I love this photo. Kobe looks so happy and proud.
With my friend Reeve who nominated me.  Reeve said he actually just googled 'mother of the year' a while ago as he thought that I deserved something like that and found the Barnados Mother of the Year website.   It was such a kind thing to do, even though I still don't think I deserve it over anyone else.  I'm grateful to have such an amazing experience though.
  I can't believe my boys are looking so grown up. 
The best thing about the state announcement was that the boys were just so happy and proud all day.  It made my day to see them so happy.

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