Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Back to Sydney

Because my brother Chrish (Christian) lives in Sydney we try to go up at least once a year, whenever we can get cheap flights.  A few months ago some really cheap flights came up, so I booked some tickets so that we could have a weekend away, and could also go to a good AFL game while we were there.  I was hoping to go to a Hawks game, but the flights weren't cheap for that weekend.   

I was telling my EAL students at school that I was going back to Sydney for the weekend and one of them said 'lots of money for plane?'.  I told him it does cost a lot of money to go on the plane and then he said 'you have lots of money!?' which made me laugh. I told him I didn't have any money now, because I had been going to Sydney too much!

Unfortunately the weekend I planned in Sydney turned out that the weekend I planned away, fell the weekend after the national Mother of the Year announcement, so it meant we would be going to Sydney two weekends in a row.  Mum stayed the week in Sydney with Chrish after the Mother of the Year announcement.  I shouldn't complain because I know how lucky we are to go to Sydney so often, but we were still all feeling really tired from last weekend.

We headed back up to Sydney on Thursday night.  On Friday we caught the train into the city.  
 We always love going to Circular Quay to catch a ferry to Manly for lunch. 

We were excited to spot Kirribilli House from the water (the big yellow house on the right) and laughed again about the boys rolling down the hills in the front of the house.
It was a beautiful day, but just a little breezy.

 It was lovely to sit on the beach and have lunch.

That was until the ferocious seagulls starting stealing food right out of our hands!  I was screaming and Mum caught this hilarious (and very ugly!) photo of me after a seagull came and pinched some chicken straight out of my kebab!
I had to pay Mum back and captured this photo as she was trying to feed the seagulls a chip.  It cracks me up every time I look at it.
We caught the train back into the city and decided to go to Martin Place as I wanted to show the boys Channel 7 which is where Sunrise is filmed. 

We were excited to find King Street in the city!
 Outside Channel 7.
 We were excited to see that they were filming the 'Daily Edition' show in channel 7 at the time. 
Tom Williams and Monique Wright (who interviewed me on Sunrise) were hosting and gave us a little wave through the window.  Of course she would've had no idea that I was on the show just a few days before. 
The Lindt cafe is right across the road from channel 7 and Harri got very emotional as he thought about the seige and deaths that happened there last year.   He said he was feeling scared, and I didn't want him to walk away from there still feeling scared, so we decided to go inside to buy some chocolate.
He wasn't sure about going in, but I'm glad he was brave enough to.  He was very quiet while we were in there, but I'm glad he did because even though we kept thinking about what happened in there, it was nice to walk away not feeling scared about it anymore. 
 It was nice to see that people are supporting it more than ever, as it was packed out.
The next day we went to some outlet shops in the morning.  Because Mum was with us this time, we couldn't all fit in the car so Chrish rode his motorbike and I drove his car.  I was petrified about driving in the city with all the traffic and couldn't believe that Chrish made me go across the harbour bridge! It's easy for him when he drives trucks around the city every day.
One of my prizes for being the Tasmanian Mother of the Year was a $300 voucher from Simone Perele. We don't have any of their stores in Tassie, so I was glad I could go and choose some things myself, rather than just ordering them over the phone.  I felt very spoiled being able to spend up big without feeling guilty about it!
 On Saturday night we went to watch the Cats v Swans. 
 It's so weird when we go to a game that Hawthorn isn't playing at, and to see so many Sydney supporters everywhere.  We just had to get in on the action.
 Harri and Kobe trying to win $1000 during half time by showing their Citibank sign. 
Chrish has been doing some renovations on his house and it's looking really good.  He's now getting around to doing the backyard and my brother Jared recently put up a pergola for him.  The boys loved helping him paint it (notice they have Chrish's clothes on, tied up by a rope!).
 Kobe looks like he is about to go into surgery.
We always love visiting La Perouse and went there before we flew home.  When I looked back at my old blog posts I realised that we were in Sydney for the same weekend last year.

 My boys are all crazy!

Cue 'circle of life' music.
 Kobe dancing away.

We had a lovely weekend with Chrish and Mum, but were so glad to get home.


  1. Looks so lovely. You are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the world!

  2. Lisa, if only we could trade places for a day. I know you would love to spend time in the US and I, myself, will probably never get to Australia so your pictures are allowing me to see some of that part of the world. They really are beautiful - even the seagull ones. I live in the state of NJ and we have the same annoying yet funny issues with our seagulls along the shoreline and beaches. Good parenting call on prompting the boys to go into that store!


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