Friday, 2 January 2015

Lavender and Waterfalls

Last night I was going through old photos on my Instagram account as I was wanting to tag Aaron in all my photos.  I got back as far as a year before I got sick of it, but it reminded me that last summer holidays we went to the lavender farm and Lilydale Falls.  This morning I told the boys we were going for a drive, and we headed up there again. 
We caught the lavender at a better time this year. Last year we went a few weeks too late and most of it had already flowered.
It was such a nice day and it was very busy with lots of Chinese tourists.  Jalen and I couldn't stop laughing at this lady with her selfie stick.  She was taking selfies for so long.  We actually saw a few selfie sticks and kept laughing saying how funny it would if people in the past could see the future, and would see people walking around with these sticks in the air with their phone on it.
Kobe desperately wanted to take some photos on my phone, so I let him go for it and he did a great job!
Making a wish...not sure what it was, but it was mostly something to do with sport!
 Kobe couldn't remember a lot of the lavender farm from last year, so he was excited to learn about it, and kept asking lots of questions.
 He did remember that we got an ice cream last year, and couldn't wait to get one.  He chose the lavender one.
 It was a hot day, so it wasn't long before he had a huge mess.
 On the way back home we stopped at Lilydale Falls for a BBQ and quick walk and play at the falls. 

My boys are such city boys, so Harri was upset at first when he got grubby hands, but I told him not to stress and to just get dirty and wet. 
Kobe on the other hand was not happy when he slipped over!  He spat it and stormed off, and I couldn't help but laugh and just had to take a photo.   Something to pull out on his 18th!
Once Harri decided it didn't matter if he got dirty or wet, he thought it would be fun to sit in the waterfall.  I told him Uncle Chrish probably would've joined him if he were with us, as he always liked getting in the water when we go to Liffey Falls.

I love this photo that Jay took of him :)
We had a lovely day and I'm starting to panic that summer holidays are going to go way too fast. 


  1. Looks like a gorgeous day. Great pictures! My neighbours front yard is bordered by lavender, the smell heavenly!

  2. The pictures and location are beautiful. Wow.

  3. I would totally get in the water, too. You can't visit somewhere like that and not get wet!

    My sister has been teaching her 18-month-old son about dusting off his hands when they get dirty. A few times during Christmas Day/Boxing Day he came up to me to show that he had sand/dirt/whatever and the look on his face when he realised it just brushed off was priceless.


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