Thursday, 29 January 2015

3 Years

When everyone heard that my Dad was in hospital, I got a lot of messages from friends saying that it was the last thing we needed right now, as they knew that the anniversary of Aaron's death was coming up.  In some ways having Dad in hospital was a good distraction as I wasn't focused on the day coming up.  

I was finding it a lot easier this year, and had decided that the boys and I would go to the beach with all of our friends, as I felt like being social on Australia Day for the first time since Aaron had passed away.  But our plans changed two days before, when we knew that Dad was very sick and probably wouldn't pull through so we headed to Hobart.

My Dad has always been very straight and that's actually why Aaron loved to tease him so much.  He knew that he would get a laugh out of him with his inappropriate jokes, and Dad actually started to loosen up a lot and would bait him a lot.  

When we were growing up Dad would never drink Coke or Pepsi because it had caffeine in it.  Aaron's favourite drink was Pepsi, and now and then he would get Dad to have a little drink.  After Aaron passed away Dad would drink Pepsi more often - saying he was doing it for Aaron.  We loved joking with Dad that he had gotten off the straight and narrow, and he loved us stirring him about it.  

He loved the excuse of having a Pepsi on Aaron's birthday or anniversary of his death over the last few years and I know he was planning on having on Monday again. On Australia Day I went to the supermarket and stocked up on Pepsi for the day, and just had to put one on Dad's bed for him. 

We were all so sure that Dad was going to pass away on Australia Day so he could be the same as Aaron, but he obviously was waiting for something and had other ideas.
We didn't get to go to the beach, but I knew I still wanted to do something for Aaron on the day.  Because it was a public holiday we couldn't get helium balloons everywhere, so I decided that instead we would just take some Pepsi to the top of Mt Wellington

 My brothers Jared and Chrish and sister Nicki and some of their family also came.  It was nice to have them with us.  A lovely German girl took our photo for us, and was probably wondering why we all had Pepsi.

Kobe is being a clown - again!
 For lunch we of course had to have Aaron's favourite.
When we got back to the hospital, our beautiful friend Chelsea had dropped off a basket of beautiful food and drinks for the whole family.  It was so kind and thoughtful.  We were so blessed the whole time we were there to have so many people drop off food for all of us.
The boys, Chrish and I were staying with my friend Sarah and her family, and when we got back that night, there was a lovely surprise in the room I was sleeping in.  It was such a nice thing to come home to. 
Three years have gone so fast, and I still feel like Aaron could just walk in the door at any time.  As much as we wish that Dad was still here, I love knowing that he is with so many that he loved and missed so much.  I bet Aaron is stirring Dad up and hopefully there's Pepsi in Heaven so that they can have one together, while they catch up on the last three years:)  

January will always be remembered now for three dates when I lost the three men that I love so much - my Pop on the 25th, Aaron on the 26th and Dad on the 27th. 


  1. So sorry for the loss of your Dad, but nice to know they will all be having fun together again. xxoo

  2. My computer was in the "hospital" for several days. I was so sad to read the last 3 posts ): Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you all. My Dad has been gone for over 10 years now - but kind of like your Dad, it was definitely time for him to go. It is still very sad and painful, tho. Hang in there, Lisa!

  3. I've been following you here for a few years and with following you on instagram I know Dad has been gone for a few days. Prayers and good thoughts for you and your family. I went back and read your posts, your father was preparing and ready for his next step.

  4. I just got to read the last few posts this weekend about your dad. I'm so sorry for your loss. Your family is in our prayers. From North Dakota


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