Saturday, 1 November 2014


Ever since grade 7, Jalen has said that he thought he would like to be on his school's Student Leadership Board when he got to grade 10.  I was glad he wanted to go for it, especially as Aaron was always the teacher that was over the Prefects at his school, which is the same thing.   But I also knew it may be hard to get in as there's usually a lot of people who go for it. 

He came home a couple of months ago with an application form, but almost decided he didn't want to go for it anymore.  I asked him why, and he said that it would be a lot of work if he got in, and wasn't sure if he was keen on having more responsibility.  We had a talk about how some stress is 'good' stress and that if he did get in, that it would mean he would be busier, but that it could be a good thing for him.

The night before the application was due, he decided that he wanted to apply for it, so he answered all the questions and submitted his application the next day.

He then had to have an interview with a few teachers and students who are on this year's SLB.    He came home from that saying he thought he did okay, and later found out he passed the interview stage and then had to do a speech in front of the whole school (four times, to each grade separately).   After the speeches, each student and teacher had to vote for who they want on the SLB. 

The night before his speech, he still hadn't written it, so I was getting very stressed (and cranky!) with him for leaving it till the last minute again.  He kept saying 'don't worry Mum!' but it's my job to worry, and I wanted him to feel ready for it.

We threw around a few ideas, and he said he wanted to make it a little bit funny, because the funny speeches from the year before really stood out.   He came home after he gave his speech, saying he was really happy with the response he got.  He said that he got a lot of laughs, but said he also was serious in telling them why he thought he would be a good SLB leader.   When he told me what he said in his speech, he reminded me so much of Aaron with his sense of humour.

I had a lot of people tell me what a great job he did with his speech, and although we were hopeful, we were trying not to get our hopes up, as I didn't want him to be too disappointed if he didn't get in.

Yesterday he came home with a letter, saying he was successful and is going to be on the Student Leadership Board next year in the position of 'School Enhancement'!  I'm always proud of him, but am extra proud of him to know how far he's come in the last three years.    I know Aaron would be so proud of him too. 

I know he will have a lot more to do next year now, but he is looking forward to a great last year of High School.   I just keep thinking how handsome will he look in his blazer :)    


  1. Well deserved! You have raised a beautiful boy who is going to be a fabulous adult, what more could any parent wish for. He will look super handsome in his blazer!

  2. FANTASTIC he will be great my no 1 vote. Woohoo.

  3. Felicite Randall2 November 2014 at 11:06

    Congratulations Jalen, I'm sure you will do a super job.

  4. That is fantastic news, very well done. Have a wonderful week ahead :)

    From Susan McGuire, Sydney

  5. Well done to him, you should be very proud.



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