Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Unlucky to be lucky

We were very excited to hear that Hawthorn were coming to Tasmania with the cup.  We were looking forward to seeing them at the Silverdome, but were extra excited when we were asked if we would like to go along to a special event at Southern Cross this morning, with 'Give Me Five For Kids'. 

I kept reminding my boys about how lucky they are to get to go to something so special, because we knew there would be thousands at the silverdome, and that we probably wouldn't get near the players there.  There was only going to be a small group at Southern Cross. 

But then after I said that, it hit me how 'unlucky' my boys have been to be so 'lucky' to do special things.  It means so much to me, to know that people still think about them and realise how much they've been through, and offer them such special things.  It's so nice to see them smile and be so happy, and even though they have been unlucky, I never take these special experiences for granted, and hope they don't either.
During the morning the team were split into groups. The group that came for Give me Five for Kids were Brian Lake, Jordan Lewis, Puopolo, Cyril Rioli, Ben McEvoy, David Hale, Isaac Smith and Matthew Suckling (I can't believe I even know their names!!! Aaron would be SO proud of me!). 

The kids got to ask the players any questions they wanted, in front of a little crowd and television cameras.  Kobe asked them if they collect footy cards.  They joked that Isaac Smith collects all his own cards and then they asked Kobe if he does.  He said he did and I told them how he wants to buy a $40 Jarryd Roughead card off eBay, but how that's not happening.  Brain Lake told him he will have to save up his pocket money.   He was a very funny guy and had everyone laughing the whole time.

Harri asked them how they felt when the final siren went at the grand final, and Ben McEvoy told us how he was on the bench with Cyril Rioli when it went, and he went to hug him but Cyril gave him the 'big slip' and he didn't get a hug.  It made us all laugh.  Harri put up his hand to ask a second question, and we were very impressed that Brian Lake remembered his name and asked him what his question was.  He asked them when did they know that they had won the game, and Brian Lake joked that it was half way through the second quarter. 

After the questions there was a BBQ for everyone, and then the kids could go around and talk to the players and get autographs and photos.   Brian was really lovely and asked the boys who wanted to wear his medal.   Harri quickly volunteered!
Brian let us hold his medal for a little while.  It was very cool to see it up close in real life. 

The boys loved being able to go around and get autographs from the players.  They took their footy cards and Harri also had a book to sign. 

We loved Jordan Lewis' tattoo :)  

I couldn't resist taking a selfie with some of the boys :)
Hawthorn donated a guernsey to Give Me Five For Kids, and all the players that were there had signed it.  Tash, who had asked the boys to come along, asked me if I was going to the Silverdome, and wanted me to try to get some other players signatures on it, so that they could auction it off.  I told her I would get onto it for her, but wasn't sure if I could get many, because I knew there would be thousands of people there.

At the silverdome we bought some premiership merchandise and couldn't resist some brown and gold Krispy Kremes :)
It was fun to see the whole team together, and you could tell they were tired, but were still very happy to talk to the crowd for a while, and answer questions.   I was especially excited to see Hodgey, even from afar.
Some of the players came up at the end to sign autographs, but I was only able to grab one signature on the guernsey.  We have gotten to know people who work for Hawthorn over the years, and when I asked one of them if she could help get some autographs on the guernsey, and what it was for, she said that the boys and I could come back to the VIP event afterwards if we wanted, so I could get them. 

We were very excited, and very grateful that we could do something so special.  Mum and my nephew Lachie were also with us, so they were lucky to be able to come to it as well.  We are (not so) slowly brainwashing Lachie that Hawks are the team to barrack for!   He told us that on Saturday he was the only one going for Hawthorn, and I told him that he was obviously the only one going for the best team.
It was very cool to have access to the whole team, and to be able to see the last two cups that they have won.  I was so happy to have been able to get all their autographs on the geurnsey for Give Me Five For Kids, and hopefully it'll raise a lot of money for the hospital.

I hardly saw the boys as they went around on their own getting autographs.   Harri is so excited to have his geurnsey signed by the premiership team.
Kobe was really excited to get his photo taken with Matthew Spangher.  Matthew told Kobe he liked his t-shirt :)
Jack Gunston is his favourite player, so he couldn't wait to get his photo taken with him. 
The highlight of the day (okay actually the year!) was getting a selfie taken with Hodgey.  He is so lovely and was more than happy to.  It's blurry because I was just so excited!

It was a very exciting day, and it was so nice to see my boys so excited and happy.  I couldn't help but keep thinking about how much Aaron would've loved it.  I would give up all of these experiences to have him and Noah back.


  1. What an amazing time you had! I love the pictures of Mom with the players!!!

  2. as I was reading this, I kept thinking the same - Aaron would love this! what a neat experience :-)

  3. Elizabeth in Georgia,USA3 October 2014 at 14:25

    The boys are really going to tease you about Hodgey now!!! Time to teach him the Gospel,lol! What a great selfie! Glad to see your smile.

  4. You are a wonderful mom!


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