Friday, 24 October 2014

On the Wall of Fame

At Aurora Stadium there is a really lovely 'Tassie Hawks Wall of Fame' which is a tribute to the Tasmanians who have played or still play for Hawthorn.  We have often admired it, and read the plaques that people have put on it.   I knew that you could buy a plaque, but couldn't justify spending so much money on one, even though I really wanted to get one for Aaron and Noah.
Hawthorn have been so lovely to our family for many years, and especially since Aaron and Noah passed away.  It means so much to us, that they know how much Aaron loved Hawthorn, and how we continue his love as a family.   A little while ago I got a lovely email from someone who works at Hawthorn, offering our family a plaque free of charge.  I was so touched and knew straight away what I wanted the plaque to say.  I hope Aaron is happy with it.

Today I had to go to the Hawthorn office to pick up something, and was pleasantly surprised to see the plaque was up on the Wall of Fame already.   I thanked them so much for being so thoughtful and they said it is 'just a little thing', but to us it is a big thing to know that Aaron and Noah are not forgotten.


  1. That's a really nice thing for them to do. It will be nice for you guys to see when you go to watch games x

  2. How very, very kind of them. Sniff. Good people..


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