Saturday, 18 October 2014

Running for a Wish

Today we went in the fourth annual 'Run for a Wish' event, which raises money for the Make a Wish Foundation.   Before Noah passed away we helped to promote the first run, and one of the first things we thought about when Noah passed away, was that the first run was just a couple of weeks after.  We found it hard to be there without Noah, but couldn't think of anything more we would want to do in Noah's name, so we still went in the first run and did it for Noah

It was really hard to do the run the next year without Aaron as well, but it's something that is very close to our hearts, because Make a Wish granted a wish for Noah, and we know how much a wish can help a family and child who has a life threatening condition. 

We are so grateful for friends who join us every year.  It means so much to us to know that Noah and Aaron aren't forgotten, so we look forward to any chance to do something for them.  
 Silly photos before the race. 
We love taking balloons to release at the beginning of the race.  I just hate having to tell the little kids that we don't know, who come over to ask for a balloon, that they aren't for the public, but is something that we have brought ourselves.

We wanted to get a family photo before the race, and a guy we know kept making us laugh as he kept trying to photo bomb us. 
My friend Simone cracked me up as I took this photo, as she yelled 'only photos from the top up!'.
The plan was to walk the 6.4 km with Kobe again this year, but last night he told me that he wanted to run it! I'm not a runner at all and actually hate running, so I thought I would be pretty safe with him as I knew he would get tired quickly, and we would probably be walking most of it.  

He surprised me and just kept on going.  He did complain a lot about how sore his back was, and how tired his legs were, but he's easy to encourage, so he would walk for about 50 metres and then would start running again when I would tell him how good he was going, how proud Dad and Noah would be of him and how we couldn't let the people behind us catch up.  
As we got closer to the finish line, he took off on me and sprinted towards the finish line. It was nice to see Harri and Jalen near the end, waiting for us.   They both ran so fast and did really well.
We are usually right at the back because we walk, so this year we were a lot faster than normal.  We only ran slowly, but I was so proud of Kobe for running so far and not giving up...other than the begging for a piggy back about half way around! 
We love Make a Wish and are so happy to be able to support them in anyway that we can.  We often have people send me lovely messages, saying that they think that our family is amazing.  It's lovely to hear that from people, but I don't think we are amazing.  I think we are just a regular family who has been through a lot, and are trying to make the best of it.  

If you really want to see an amazing family, then the Duffys are that! It was lovely to see them at the run today.  We met them after Noah passed away and have since become friends with them. Their son Jack is severely disabled, and like most families who have a child with a disability, they try to make the best of a situation they never hoped or wished for, but they do even more than that.  

They are an incredible family and don't let Jack's disabilities stop them doing anything.  They know Jack is one of the lucky ones because he has a family who is able to help him do things, and they want to do as much as they can with him while he's young, because they know it will get harder to do things as he gets older (and also heavier!).

Years ago Jack's Dad Chris, kayaked from Launceston to Hobart (600 km!) with Jack in the kayak with him, an hour a day.  All the money they raised from it was donated to St Giles, which supports children and adults with disabilities.  Since then Jack has 'run' in a couple of marathons with his Dad pushing him the whole way! 

The next thing they are going to do is walk the 65 km Overland Track with Jack in his Dad's pack and a team of people with them including police, firefighters, a paramedic, a teacher and a Parks ranger. They are hoping to raise $70,000 with all money raised going to Life Without Barriers.  
To donate to 'Overland Jack' you can click here.  You can also visit his Facebook page here.    Jack's Dad Chris is doing lots of training with Jack in the pack, to prepare to do the Overland Track early next year.  It was great to see them cross the finish line today.  They really are an amazing family!


  1. I agree Tone. Two REALLY amazing families and I'm glad I know and love one of them. X

  2. I was coming to write two awesome families too!!!! he he. What an experience that will be to do the overland track.


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