Thursday, 26 June 2014

Noah's 13th birthday in Heaven

Yesterday I felt quite teary all afternoon, knowing that it would've been Noah's 13th birthday today.  It's often that the lead up to the day is actually harder than the day, and I found that to be true today.  This morning I woke up thinking a lot about Noah, but I knew that I was going to cope okay with the day.  I had to work until lunch time and the kids I work with always cheer me up anyway, so I was glad that I had to work half a day.  

After school we went and got thirteen balloons and went up to the cemetery to let them go. 

 It was freezing (and Harri refuses to wear trackies to school in winter!) so we quickly ran over to Aaron's grave before jumping in the car to get warm.
During the week we were talking about Noah's birthday and what we would do for it.  Jalen joked that Noah's favourite tea was Maccas and that we should get that for tea after we went to the cemetery, but we compromised and got KFC instead.

I grabbed a sponge cake at the supermarket on the way home, and the boys thought it was the best cake ever! Kobe was freaked out by the sparkler on the top which cracked us up.
 At tea time Kobe said we should make a video for Noah's birthday.  I said that was a nice idea but forgot about it until he went to bed.  Then he reminded me again and said he wanted to make a video for Noah.  This is what he wanted to say.  When he finished it, he started crying and said 'I didn't want to say anything about Daddy, because I miss him the most'.
During the week Jay said that he's forgetting what it is like to have a brother with a disability.  I asked him what he could remember, and he said he remembered a lot of days when Noah would cry all day, and the suction machine going all the time. 

I am the opposite to Jay.  I am forgetting all the things like what it was like to get his meds ready every day, and how hard it was to care for him at times, but remember the way that he made us feel when we were with him.
We love and miss you so much monkey.  We wish you were here to celebrate another birthday, but we know that we were lucky to have ten years on earth with you.   We hope you are partying up there with your Dad.  Please give him a hug from all of us. 


  1. Beautiful boy. Despite the sadness, you always manage to squeeze in something special for the boys. Such a cute message from Kobe too. Love you all xx

  2. Happy birthday for yesterday gorgeous boy, I was thinking about you xxx

  3. Happy birthday Noah. Kobe you are just beautiful xxx

  4. Oh dear King family, I have just been directed to your site via Chris Jones instagram Mitchel's Journey. I can not believe what you have been thru. My heart truly aches for you (and your boys) as I can not imagine losing my best friend, much less losing him after a child had passed. Please know you are in my prayers and thoughts. I find it somewhat ironic that I had never heard of your blog until today, when it is Noah's birthday, Heavenly intervention I suppose.

    I did have one question re the cemetery. Are all of the cemeteries in AU like this one? I find it lovely that the headstones are all in a circle around a tree and that only the headstone is above ground. It leaves so much green space in the cemetery for walking. Anyway it is different here in the US (and our family is in the funeral business so I always see details).

    Again I hope you and your boys are getting along OK. I can't imagine the emptiness that all of you must still feel (as you spoke of in this post). You are an amazing mom.

    God Bless.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. Where Noah is buried is the children's section at our local cemetery, so they've made it extra special. The rest of the cemetery is lawn cemetery and not as lovely, but it's still a beautiful place. In the children's section you can choose to be at a tree where you can have headstones and a plaque or just a plaque. We chose to have the headstone as well. Aaron's grave just has a plaque as we didn't have the option of having a headstone for him. If we did he would be buried far from Noah and we didn't want that. They are buried about 75 metres from each other.

  5. Aww, happy birthday, Noah! Such a beautiful boy.

  6. I remember one day seeing him rudey nudey in the hospital and you said Noah wouldn't mind because it was just me. That made me feel so good. Noah always did that....

  7. Happy Birthday Noah. How wonderful you all recognize and celebrate the day. Kobe's sweet accent... adorable :)

  8. I'm so sorry Noah isn't with you anymore. Happy birthday Noah. He shares a birthday and birth year with my son.


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