Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Guard of Honour

 We got a lovely surprise this week, when Tash (who works on the kids ward at our local hospital) contacted us to ask if Harri would like to be in the guard of honour as the Hawks ran through the banner, before they played the Eagles on the weekend.

He was very excited and I reminded him how lucky he was to be able to do it, because he got to run through the banner last year. The kids who were a part of the guard of honour got to lead the 'Hawk walk' from City Park to Aurora Stadium. 

At Aurora Stadium we met up with lots of the volunteers who were raising money for Give Me Five For Kids.  It was their game to raise money at, which is why the hospital got to choose the children who were part of the guard of honour at this game.
Harri was sure that we were going to  lose against the Eagles, when he saw that the Eagles had all of their really good players there.  I told him to not give up on the Hawks too early, but I also wasn't sure how we would go.
It was lovely for Harri to have such a special experience again.  I don't think the boys really understand how lucky they are to see their team play so often.  Aaron would've killed for that as a kid.

Harri is the one with the number '2' on his guernsey (it's really 12).

The Hawthorn football club put this photo up on Instagram.  We were excited to spot Harri in it (and of course it's lovely to have Hodgey in it too! :)

Kobe absolutely loved the game, and chattered away the whole time about the players and what was going on. 
Aaron's Dad also came along with us.  We loved his new beanie.
It was a great game, and the Hawks proved Harri wrong and won by over forty points in the end.


  1. What a lovely w/end for you guys. So nice to see your team win.

  2. So glad Harri could have another opportunity to participate. I love the picture with Jay, Kobe, and your mom. It looks like Jay is Kobe's bodyguard ;-) Love your family and sending lots of love your way.


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