Monday, 24 March 2014

Smooth Kobe

Kobe has been begging me to buy him a suit jacket to wear to church for ages.  He was in luck on Saturday as they were half price, and he was so excited.  He tried it on in the shop and wanted to wear it around all day.  When he put it on he started walking around like he was the coolest thing ever.

He was so excited to wear it to church on Sunday.  He cracked me up as he sat there in his jacket looking all spiritual, but he was reading Harri's 'Avengers' book.   Aaron would seriously be so proud of him - looking smooth and also reading something that he loved too :) 


  1. He looks like the perfect son in law ;-)
    Wish we didn't live so far away....

  2. And is that a Happy Face tie? Too cute!!

  3. What a handsome young man!

  4. Very sharp dresser!

  5. Oh this boy is a treat! How gorgeous!... I'm going through many post I've missed recently, Lisa... I think I've mentioned this before, but your photos...!!!... they are all so wonderful. You can read the love you all have for each other in your words, and your photos back your words beautifully. You and Aaron... man! what a couple!!! Love oozes :o) ... Adorable! xo
    Naomi G


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