Friday, 8 November 2013

You Have To Be Happy, Not Sad

I've been going through all our old photos on my computer because I want to make the boys some photo books for Christmas.  It's been sad but fun at the same time to see all the old photos and remember the 'good old days'. 

Kobe is very put out when he sees me looking at photos from before he was born. He keeps asking 'was I born then!?' and when I say no, he argues with me and says 'yes I was!'.  He looks at photos of Harri and thinks it's him.  He hates that he has missed out on so much because he is the youngest, and it makes me really sad that he only had a few years with Noah and Aaron.   I'm so grateful that I did take a lot of photos and videos.

I found this video which I recorded in September 2006.  Jay made up a song which went 'you have to be happy not sad' and he and Harri used to sing it all the time.  I think I was meant to see this video right now because I'm just feeling a whole lot of sad at the moment.

How cute were they! 


  1. Lisa,

    I'm so sorry you're feeling so sad :( I'm amazed at your strength as you "keep on keeping on." I don't comment often, but follow you nearly every day. I have such an interest in and love for your family as we have a few things in common. I'm half Aussie (my dad met my mom when he was on his mission back in '69). Our firstborn children were born on the exact same day in '99. I can't even begin to image your pain, as I've been married 16 years now, but I do understand what your boys are going through to lose their dad at such a young age. My dad was only 39 when he passed away from cancer, and I was 11. As a child it never really got easier, just different - a new normal so to speak. I so much wish he was still here to meet my children, but the Lord had a bigger plan. Nothing I can say can lighten your load any, but just know you are loved and prayed for by so many.

    I've made it to Australia a few times (Sydney, Adelaide, and Broken Hill), but never to Tasmania. Maybe someday ... My husband's a pilot, but usually only has stopovers in Sydney and Melbourne.

    Hugs from Utah,
    Sarah xoxoxo


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