Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Hands on the Cup

The 2013 AFL premiership cup is doing a tour around Australia at the moment.  When Hawthorn won the grand final in 2008 we went to see the cup when it was in town then, and I remember how excited Aaron was about it.

When I heard it would be at Aurora Stadium I asked the boys if they wanted to go and see it.  Harri was so excited and said 'of course we do!!'.   The night before we got a call from a friend who invited us to go along to a special function after the public had seen the cup. It was for the Tassie Hawks Supporters Group who are the volunteers who help out on match days when the Hawks play in Tassie.  Aaron had just started to be a part of the group when he passed away and was so excited to be getting involved with Hawthorn in more of a formal way. 

Before going into the function we got our photo taken outside with the cup. 

Harri and Kobe were so excited.
Harri didn't want to put it down and kept holding it in certain ways and would say 'that's how Jordan Lewis held it on grand final day when they won!'. He kept saying he was going to take it home with him.
The boys were excited to go to the function and loved all the free food and drinks. I was happy I didn't have to cook tea :)
They thought it was so exciting to be above Aurora Stadium in the special function room.  
I couldn't resist a selfie with the cup - Aaron would've loved it :) Someone offered to take the photo for me, but I said it's not a selfie unless you take it by yourself. 
There weren't many people there and Harri just loved that you could go up and grab the cup off the table and walk around with it or get a photo with it.
It was fun to get our hands on the cup and to have an extra long time with it.   It's lovely to have such special things happen for the boys and to see smiles on their faces.  Jay was having a particularly sad day, so it was nice to finish it off in a fun way. 


  1. this made me smile and I don't even like footy!!!! love this xx

  2. Love this! Aaron's probably thrilled how much you are into footy now, eh? :D

  3. Best day EVER!!!
    Love Mum.


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