Sunday, 10 June 2018

Mum's Day

Celebrations such as birthdays and Mother's Day can be really hard when it reminds you even more of what you're missing.  Over the past six years I've really dreaded these days at times, but this year I wasn't too worried about Mother's day for the first time.  I don't know if it's just a time thing, but it was nice to not feel so anxious and sad about it coming up.

For the first time since Aaron died the boys really made a special effort by themselves, for me.  I don't even care about the presents or fuss of Mother's Day at all, but it was so lovely that the boys all spent their own money and went shopping on their own this year.

Kobe was so cute and was the first one awake and came in with some flowers which he had made me at school.
The boys did so well with choosing things that they knew I would love.  I was very spoilt and the loveliest thing was a beautiful card which Harri made and wrote in for me. He said some beautiful things about how much I had done for him since Aaron died and it meant more to me than anything else.
We drove out to Mum's on Mother's day and made lunch for her.  Chrish and I surprised her with a canvas of the whole family together, which she loved.  It's a pity the photo was taken just before my new niece Bridey was born, as we'll have to update it and aren't sure how long it will be until the whole family is together again.   It's a special photo though, as it's not very often we are all together anymore.

It was a beautiful autumn day, so after lunch we headed for a kick of the footy on the beach, and let the dogs go for a run. It was such a lovely day.
I'm grateful to be a Mum to four boys, and to have these three to keep me going.  I love them so much, and am lucky to have such great boys.
It was lovely to be able to have a relaxing day with my own Mum.  It was really nice to not feel so sad on Mother's Day this year.  

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