Sunday, 10 June 2018

Home of the Brown and Gold - Kobe's TV moment

A couple of months ago I took Kobe along to the Hawthorn Football Club Family Day.  He had a great time meeting some of the players, and having a kick of the footy.  He was dressed up in his Hawks geurnsey and was actually kicking really well and was getting a lot of goals. 

A guy who was videoing came over to us, and asked if it would be okay to video him kicking for the goal as he was making a promotional video for the club, which would also be to promote Tasmania and would be shown on the big screens at the games.

Kobe was excited to be in it, and the guy took a couple of different angles.  I wasn't sure if he would end up being in it, so we were excited to see it up on the big screen at the first game this year in Launceston.  A couple of weeks ago the Launceston Airport Facebook page shared it, so we were able to see it properly for the first time. 

Kobe was so excited to see himself, and I love that his tongue is sticking out as he concentrates (just like my Mum!).   The ad is also being shown on TV at the moment.  The version I've been able to download hasn't got any sound though.

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