Sunday, 12 March 2017

Pieces of him

I absolutely love that each of the boys have part of Aaron's personality in them. Jay has his crazy sense of humour and love of movies and music.  Harri has his passion of all sports (not always a good thing!) and Kobe has his charm and love of sport and all the stats that go along with it. 

I probably shouldn't be surprised since they are his sons, but it still blows me away that they are so much like him even though it's been five years since he died.  Kobe was only 3 years old when Aaron died, so he really doesn't remember anything about Aaron or what he was like, but still he's so much like him.

Jay has gone through different stages and interests since Aaron died. First he was into Minecraft and gaming and making YouTube videos, then he was into superheroes and all the movies and things that go along with that, and even though he still loves watching superhero movies, he's now really into music and media and current events.

Jay decided he wanted to do up his bedroom as it had a lot of superhero stuff which he felt he didn't want anymore.  He asked me if his Dad had any cool vinyls that I still had as he had an idea to put them into frames. 

I still have all of Aaron's things. Some things including his clothes and shoes are in the garage, but his special clothes like his sport geurnseys, vinyl records and things he really treasured are in a blanket box in my bedroom.
Jay searched the box and chose one of the Oasis ones (Aaron's favourite band ever) and three Beatles ones. We had a little laugh how Aaron was probably rolling over in his grave as he was very precious about his things, and would've hated that Jay was putting blu tac at the back of them, but we also knew that he would be loving what he was doing with them.

Jay was so pumped about how it turned out, and they look so good in his room.

Harri and Kobe were excited that he handed on a lot of his Pop Vinyls as he just kept his favourite ones.  I love that he has made his room to suit his personality now, but he also has lots of little pieces of Aaron in there, including photos of him.
The boys all love hanging in there together, and most nights you will find all three of them sitting on or in Jay's bed either watching something together, or just talking.

 Harri loved that Jay had used something of Aaron's in his room, and asked if he could also use something.  He went and looked through the box and pulled out some of the geurnseys.
 Today we finally put them into a frame and he is so excited to have it in his bedroom.


Kobe of course had to get in on the action, and chose his Michael Jordan geurnsey to go into his bedroom.
 I love that they all have pieces of their Dad in their bedrooms and know that Aaron would love it too.

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  1. Just catching up on some blog reading. You can tell Jay that I'm super jealous of his cool room. I'm a massive Beatles Fan! I used to argue with Aaron about Blur and Oasis. I was the Blur fan and he was the Oasis fan. xx


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