Wednesday, 1 March 2017

One Second Everyday

Life is so busy again now that school is back, and the boys have started up with their sports.  I'm sure my blog posts are going to be few and far between this year,  but I still love to record my memories somehow.  

At the end of last year my friend Makayla shared a video which she made with an app called One Second Everyday.  I loved her video so I decided to do it this year.

These are our January and February videos.  February wasn't half as exciting or as fun as January as we had to get back into school and work routines, but I'm still excited to see how the videos turn out as each month passes, and can't wait till I have a whole year's worth.


  1. Love this - how fun!
    Peggy Anderson
    Yakima, WA

  2. Attractive shot of your chest !!
    Fab idea though.

  3. Your boys would treasure having your face in these videos. February didn't have you, except feet and lanyard. I haven't watched January yet, but was struck by your absence.

    1. Yeah I keep thinking I need to get in more videos but it's tricky when I'm always the one doing the videoing and I hate seeing myself in videos and pics, but know how important it is to have them. I'm in a March video stuffing my face with chocolate eclair :)


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