Sunday, 11 December 2016

'Our' Santa

I'm not sure when it'll be that the boys refuse to get a photo with Santa, but I've been very lucky so far that none of them have complained about it.  Kobe is of course always excited to go and see Santa and to tell him what he wants for Christmas.  Harri humors me, and Jalen is such a good sport because I think he knows how much it means to me.

For a long time we have been visiting the beautiful Santa at Meadow Mews because he remembered Noah's name every year. He was such a lovely Santa and he would always see us pushing Noah in his wheelchair and would say 'here comes Noah!'.  It amazed me every year that he remembered his name, and it touched us so much when the lovely Santa came to his funeral and came and said hello to me after the service. 

We never expect him to remember us, but yesterday the boys went up to him and he looked at them and said 'it's the King family!'.  The boys thought it was pretty cool that he remembered, but he admitted to them that he couldn't remember their first names. We had a lovely chat about how much the boys had grown up. 

I love this pic of all three boys - everyone looks so happy. It must be because it's almost summer holidays!
I hope Jalen lets me get at least a couple more photos of him with Santa and the other two boys, before he decides he's had enough of it.   If only life were as simple as Christmases in the past. 
I hated it when Aaron buzzed all his hair off! I would give anything to complain about it to him now though.
 I loved Noah at this age - he was always so alert and healthy.
 Harri LOVED his thumb back then! I love Noah's chubby cheeks in this one.
 The first time year we  met our lovely Santa at Meadow Mews.
 I think Santa had a year off at Meadow Mews in 2007 as we went to another one for some reason.  It definitely wasn't the same.
 Mrs Claus ended up being Jalen's drama school teacher :)
 When Noah was very chubby and heavy to lift!
 The year after Noah and Aaron passed away - when Harri used to take 'Nono' everywhere with him.

I'll be devastated if 'Our' Santa ever retires from his duties in December.  We love visiting him every year.


  1. I was walking past as you got this taken. Such a nice photo.

  2. You have some wonderful memories in these pictures.

  3. I love all these pictures but I hate seeing how much they grew each year! Makes me panic a little. What a lovely tradition and fun memories! I just read a book with my kids that mentioned Australia and Tasmania and we thought of you. Merry Christmas!!


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