Friday, 23 September 2016

The Possum Tree 11 Years Later

Every year for the past eleven years we have taken a photo of the boys in front of the same tree in spring.  It all started when one day I looked out the window and saw beautiful blossoms on the tree on the nature strip near the house we were renting at the time, so I dragged the boys out for a photo. 
Back then it was just Jay, Noah and Harri, and we continued to do it every year until we moved house.  I was so sad that it was no longer going to be a tradition that I made sure we drove back to the same tree every year since. 

So far the boys have been good sports and have agreed to get a photo every year.  This was taken last week. 

The first photo taken eleven years ago.  Poor Noah had outgrown his wheelchair at the time, and we were waiting on funding for a new chair.

This chair was so much better for him.
Terrible photo but at least we got one :)
Harri and Kobe were so cute back then.  
Noah is growing out of his wheelchair again!
Another new chair for Noah and also a feeding pump. This was taken just a month before he passed away.
Brave boys who had been through the worst year of their lives after Noah and Aaron both passed away.
Feeling a little happier with the addition of Milly to our family.
Genuine smiles again.
Growing up way too fast!  I can't believe what has happened in the past eleven years and that the years really do fly by so fast.


  1. You are all amazing! I can't believe how long I have been reading your blog time has really flown by in some regards but stands still I. Other ways you inspire me 💕

  2. What treasured photos. Beautiful family.


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