Thursday, 8 September 2016

Father's Day

It is easier every year, but September is still a hard month to get through with Harri and Jay's birthdays and also Father's Day.  If Aaron were here we would've made him a special breakfast and no doubt the boys would've made cute cards for him and he would've told us what he wanted for a present (in true Aaron style!).   The boys were happy with pancakes for brunch.
We decided to spend the day visiting the cemetery and thought it would be nice to drive out to Deloraine to visit Dad's grave as well.  Harri decided he wanted to be the photographer for the day. 
This photo of Kobe cracked me up - talk about a model pose!
We used to go to the cemetery a lot more regularly, but lately we've only been going every month or so.  We also went to Noah's grave before heading out to Deloraine.  
Dad used to love different types of music and loved some recent songs. He always cracked us up when he told us he loved the song 'Cool Kids' and we asked him if it was his theme song when he was younger and he laughed and agreed that it was.   We put it on as we were driving into the cemetery for him and had a bit of a sing along.

Before we left we also visited my Nan and Pop's grave and also my brother Daniel's grave.
It was actually the day before Daniel's birthday and he would've been 36 if he were alive now.
We had plans to do something fun together to make it so the day wasn't so sad and decided to go for a walk at Liffey Falls before we came home.    It was a pretty drive to get there.
We couldn't believe that when we got there the road was closed! It was still being repaired after all the flood damage a few months back. It's crazy to think that so much of the state suffered so much damage and it's still affecting a lot of places.
We were bummed that we couldn't go for a walk there (well some of us were...Harri actually wasn't keen as he's a party pooper, or so I tell him!) but Jay made me smile as he said something like 'it wasn't a waste of time as we got to see some cool things' as he's now appreciating things more now that he's getting into photography.  We stopped at a picnic area on the way back to have a run around instead.
When Kobe got dressed he proudly came out in this t-shirt and said that Aaron would love that he wanted to wear it for Father's Day. I agree Kobe - your Dad does rock and I wish he were here to do special things with you every day.   Little boys should be running around with their Dads, not visiting their graves on Father's Day.

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