Thursday, 11 August 2016

Milly's cousin Josie

Ever since Dad passed away last year  Mum has obviously found it very quiet and lonely being on her own.  She talked about getting a dog towards the end of last year and always thought she would get a Labrador because that's what we grew up with.

I don't know if it was spending time with our Milly (who is a labradoodle) or realising that a lot of dogs would leave dog hair all over her beautiful house,  but at the end of last year she decided that she wanted to get a labradoodle.  I'm not a dog person at all, so when I decided that getting a dog would be good for the boys, I knew that I would have to get one that didn't shed hair everywhere.

I went with Mum to where we got Milly from at the end of last year to look at some puppies.  The guy actually remembered my name and I said he had a great memory, and he said that he often thought about me because he knew my story and was hoping that having Milly had helped us.  Mum was on a waiting list for around 6 months to get a puppy and she finally got one a couple of weeks ago. She decided on a girl and she is also brown, so she is just like Milly.  Kobe and Mum went to pick her up and Mum brought her back to our house to stay the night as we were going to the footy the next day.  We couldn't wait for her to pull up so we could see her puppy.

Kobe thought it was very exciting that he got to be the first one to help Grandma with her puppy.  We were all oohing and aahing when she got out of the car.  Mum had already named her Josie. 
It was so cute watching Milly and Josie run around the back yard together.  They were yapping at each other and jumping all over each other and having the best time. 
Milly was actually 5 months old when we got her (I can't believe no one wanted her before us!) so Josie was so much smaller than we ever saw Milly as.   How cute is she!?

We loved having cuddles with her all weekend and we were all wishing we had a little puppy as well (until she kept weeing inside!:) 
Because they came from the same place, we were able to check out their background and found out that Milly's grandfather is Josie great grandfather (or the other way around), so they are actually cousins.   They wore each other out by the end of the night!
The next day we watched the Hawks play live and I took this photo of Mum with Josie before the game. I put it up on Instagram and hashtagged it #AFLHawksCarlton and when we got to the game we kept cracking up when we would see the photo up on the big screen at the footy! Mum was so embarrassed and couldn't figure out how she made it to the big screen, but we thought it was funny and very cool seeing them on the big screen:)
Mum said Josie has been so good at her place and is lots of fun to have around. I'm so glad that she has her to keep her company as I know how much Milly is now a part of our family. I think my cousin Toni's kids are loving having a cute little puppy to visit across the road - they now have even more or a reason to visit - not just because there are lots of treats in Mum's pantry :)   How cute is her little face and crazy hair!
I'm sure that Milly will love going out to Mum's house even more now that she has a younger cousin to play with.


  1. Just loved reading about your mum's dog Josie, she is incredibly cute. Both dogs are. I would love a dog for company......think it would be a great help with my depression and anxiety. Animals are the most amazing companions.

  2. These are fantastic photos. Pets are such great company. I am glad your mum decided to get a puppy. I hope they have many years of fun together.

    From Susan McGuire, Sydney xxoo


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