Sunday, 10 July 2016

A Few Days in Hobart

A few weeks ago my cousin Tim asked me if we were keen to go to Hobart at the same time as his family, for a few days during the school holidays. We always love going to Hobart and love staying with our friends Sarah and Joe, so we booked it in.

We headed down last Thursday and went shopping and swimming before heading to tea. We don't have Boost Juice in Launceston, so we always love getting it when we are in Hobart for a special treat.

Sarah and her boys introduced us to Burger Haus last time we went down, so we were keen to go there for tea with Tim and Helene. 
They loved it just as much as we did - the shakes are amazing!

Because it's the middle of winter we were waiting to see what the weather was going to be like before deciding what we would do on Friday.  I was keen to go to Bruny Island if the weather was okay and Tim and Helene had never been before and were wanting to go on one of the walks to a lookout.   The weather turned out so nice - it was cool but sunny with not very much wind, so it was the perfect winter's day.

Harri was actually feeling quite sick so there was no way that he was up to going for a walk, so we left Tim and Helene to the walking and decided to just take it easy.  Last time we went to Bruny Island we went on the cruise and didn't have time to stop at the lookout on the way past, so we made sure we walked to the top this time. 

Crazy Kobe started doing pushups half way up!
Adventure Bay is so beautiful and it was such a lovely sunny day, so we went back to the car and grabbed a blanket, some food and a footy.

Poor Harri felt really sick. He was dosing up on Panadol all day and trying to keep his temp down because as soon as it went up he would feel rotten again. He kept saying 'sorry for ruining the day' as he knew we would've been walking with Tim and Helene if he felt okay. I told him it was okay as I was actually loving just relaxing on the beach.  I find it so therapeutic just sitting, listening to the waves.

 I went for a walk along the beach and wished that I could afford a house by the beach.
 The view of the stairs to the lookout, from the beach.
Kobe kept begging me to let him go in the water, but I knew once he went in he would be freezing and would be miserable the rest of the day.
 Kobe was sure that this was the biggest seaweed in the world!
Once the Panadol kicked in again Harri felt okay for a while, and had a great time playing footy with Kobe on the beach.
 They used seaweed as goals.
We caught the ferry back mid afternoon and couldn't believe that the weather was so hazy back in Hobart. By the time we got back it was drizzling quite heavily.
That night a bonfire was on at Salamanca for the Festival of Voices with lots of different groups singing, so Jay and I joined Tim and Helene there.  Harri was more than happy to stay with Sarah and Joe and their kids, and so was Kobe as they love hanging out with their boys.  It was cool to have the whole crowd joining in with the singing. 
Our friends Dan and Lou were hoping to meet us there but weren't able to make it, but Dan suggested that we go to a place called Honey Badger for dessert.  We went to check it out and decided it was definitely worth trying.  The menu looked amazing!

 It was so busy but they didn't mind us coming in and wanting a big table and found space for us. The food was amazing! 
Tim, Helene and I had something called 'Chocolate Heaven' which was brioche with whipped cream, chocolate ice cream, caramelised banana, warm chocolate sauce, sea salt caramel sauce, shaved chocolate, toasted walnuts and Oreo crumbs!   While we were there we were oohing and aahing over the breakfast menu and I knew I wanted to come back before we headed home.
Saturday was another beautiful sunny day.  We walked down to the Wharf to meet Dan and Lou for brunch.
 They hadn't been to Honey Badger before but had heard lots about it.

I have never had pancakes with bacon and maple syrup before, and it was on the menu so both Dan and I had that.  It was so yummy!   Everyone loved what they got and Harri said it was 'the best food he's ever had!'. 
 Tim and Helene didn't have brunch with us, but came and met up with us afterwards.
The kids had a great time running around Salamanca Place together while we all sat in the sun chatting.
 It's always so lovely to catch up with good friends.
We had a quick look around Salamanca Market before we went back into the city for a bit of shopping.  It was lovely to run into people we knew at the market. 
On the way to the car I couldn't resist calling into Daci and Daci to buy a treat to take home.  It's lucky we didn't have to pay for accommodation in Hobart as we spent so much on food, but it was worth it for such amazing food.
After helping out at the Tasmanian Mother of the Year ceremony this year, I went there with my friend Chelsea and have gone on about the beautiful dessert that I had ever since.  I had to make sure I took a raspberry caramel crunch home with me.
We had a lovely few days away even though Harri wasn't feeling very well. It's a pity as we didn't get to do what we really wanted to, but he was happy to just hang out with the boys and do a few fun things in Hobart.  Thanks for having us again Sarah and Joe. We always love catching up with you guys and are already looking forward to  our next trip down, if you'll have us again :)

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