Friday, 4 March 2016

A summer of swimming

I wish we could keep the summer holiday feeling forever, as life was so much more relaxed and the biggest decision of the day was where we would go swimming.  We have loved swimming so much this year as the water has been unusually warm, because of the great summer we have had. 

Unfortunately we have to get back to reality and although we are all enjoying being back at school, life is very hectic again.  It's so hectic that I have been forgetting about my blog, and even think that maybe it's time to start letting it go, but while I still have things that I want to remember, I'll keep posting although it may be a lot less than I have been. 

We are still enjoying beautiful weather, even though we are now into the beginning of autumn, and hope that the warm weather hangs around just a little bit longer.   During the first couple of weeks after school went back, we would hang out for school to finish, so we could meet my cousin Tim and his wife Helene and their kids for a swim after school. I'm so glad that they don't mind me being the third wheel, because it's nice to be able to have some adult company while the boys are busy playing with their cousins.

We started swimming at the river at Corra Linn as there was so much rain at the end of the holidays, and our favourite swimming spot - the Gorge was flooded. I love it at Corra Linn though as it reminds me of Nan and Pop's river, where we spent so much time when we were growing up.
The boys loved going down the rapids on their boogie boards.
Tim being Tim :)
Once the Gorge wasn't flooded anymore and the pool was cleaned and refilled, we started going back there again.   This is the first year that the boys and I have actually swum in the Gorge, rather than just the pool, and we have been loving it.
One day while the kids were all at school, Tim, Helene and I went for a big swim together.  We swam past the swinging bridge and they showed me where there is a hollow rock that you have to swim under, to get inside. You have to tread water once you are inside, and look straight up to the sky.  I was freaking out about swimming under the rock to get inside, and was telling them I didn't want the boys to be orphans, but it wasn't as scary as I thought :)  
The Gorge pool was out of action for a couple of weeks because of the floods, and we were so happy when it was refilled.  
The first few days they had a sign up saying it was closed (to get the levels of chlorine etc right) but there were heaps of people still swimming in it, and we decided it was worth the risk :) 
There had been so many bush fires over the summer, and there were many days where the sky in Launceston looked like this. 
All summer we kept saying we should go out for tea together, and finally did it just after school went back. 

Afterwards we went for a night time walk and ride on the scooters.  I love daylight savings, and am dreading when it finishes in a few weeks.
Last weekend we went to our friend Lizzie and Jake's engagement party.  It was the best engagement party ever, as it was a pool party!  Kobe was in the water the longest out of everyone, and only got out for dessert!   He keeps asking if we can go back there.
Now that the boy's sports have started up, it's getting harder to just go for a swim after school, but we are hoping that the weather stays warm for at least a few more weeks, so we can squeeze a few more swims in before it gets too cold. 

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