Sunday, 21 February 2016

Back to School

I knew once school went back that life would be a bit crazy again, but I don't think I was prepared for how tired and busy I would be. We enjoyed our summer holidays so much and getting back to work and school has been a bit of a shock. 

All of us were a bit anxious about the new year. I knew that I would have new students to work with but was looking forward to meeting them. 

Jay kept saying he wasn't worried or excited about starting 'college' (year 11 in Australia) but because he was going to be at a new school he knew things would be different and wasn't very keen about things changing. It was good that all of his best friends or 'squad' were going to the same school though and he was looking forward to seeing them all.

Harri was very excited to be in grade 6 and is in a 5/6 class this year. He has two teachers and we knew one of them and was very excited about having her, and  was also excited about getting a new teacher to the school who was a male teacher. He's never had a male teacher, and I thought it would be lovely to have another good make figure in his life again, so he was excited but also a little anxious about starting school and having to get to know his teachers and new class.

Kobe is in grade 2 this year and is in a 1/2 class. He was very excited about his two teachers as they're lovely and I knew he would have a good year with them.  He was devastated that school was back though and was in tears about it. He kept saying he wanted to stay on holidays and I agreed with him :) 

This was their first day back - hard to believe it was 3 weeks ago already!
Everyone had a great first day of school, and after school we decided to drown our sorrows about summer holidays being over at Cold Rock, and lashed out on some very expensive ice cream. 
I've been enjoying being back at work, despite being busy and tired.  I am still teaching English as an Additional Language and at the moment I'm mostly teaching the Prep children. I love the variety and challenges in my job, and love the relationship I am able develop with the children. 

At the moment I'm working with children who are from a refugee background as well as children who are migrants and children who have been born in Australia, but who speaks another language other than English in their home. 
I'm so grateful to have a job that I love doing and think about Aaron every day that I'm at work, as I know he would've been going though the same emotions that I was when school went back, if he were still here.
Every year he would complain about summer holidays finishing, but would then love school once it was back. 

We are now in the routine of work and school and hope that we can have a great term before the next holidays in seven weeks (which we are already looking forward to!)

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