Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Kill Them With Kindness - MyState Student Film Festival

Jalen has absolutely loved his Media classes over the last couple of years at school, and has decided that it's what he really wants to do as a career.  He's done some very clever things this year including making a pretend ad for Subaru, a piece about 'Fake News' and just finished his short film, which he wrote, directed and acted in along with his friends Rani, Kate and Jackson.  His friends Mel and Zoe also helped him with the sound etc.

When he told me his idea for the short film I thought it sounded ridiculous and that he had lost the plot. But it is actually so funny and he's done it so well (well I think so anyway, but I am his Mum!).  He posted a link to his on his Instagram today and cracked me up as he said "critics are callling it 'a film' and Mum says it's alright".  He definitely has Aaron's sense of humour!

He has entered it in the MyState Student Film Festival, and it has just gone up online today.  There is a People's Choice Award for the most views, likes and shares.  We would love if it you could check it out, like it (hopefully you do!) and share it.  You can watch (and like it on YouTube if you have a YouTube account) by clicking on the video below.   It's called 'Kill Them With Kindness'.

It was fun to watch the whole process.  

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