Monday, 9 October 2017

Off to the Ball

Jay didn't go to the ball for his school last year, but decided he wanted to go this year.  I'm glad he decided to go, as he's just about to finish year 12 and is a nice way to finish off the year.  I'm sure having Erin to go with, had something to do with it :) 

Erin's Mum and I took some photos in City Park before they went to the ball.  How cute are they!

 Erin looked stunning....Jay scrubbed up alright as well :)

 Harri was at basketball, so he missed out on the paparazzi snapping him.
 Jay loves his Chance the Rapper socks and made sure he wore them.

It looks like Jay is giving Erin the thumbs up for looking gorgeous, but he was actually telling us some story and did this.  I cracked up when I saw the photo.

Jay came home saying it was so much fun and had a great night with his friends.  He told me stories about his friend asking one of the girls with a disability to dance, as she was on her own.  I love hearing stories like that.  They're good kids (although they're not kids anymore!).
 Oh to be young again!

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