Monday, 23 January 2017

Hurricanes and Hobart

Last summer holidays I took the boys to the cricket in Hobart and for Harri and Kobe it was one of the highlights of their holidays.   For a couple of months the boys have been asking if we can go to the cricket again and I promised them that we would go again.   We had heaps of fun with Tim and Helene and their kids there last year, so we asked them if they were keen to go again and of course they were :)

We stayed down for the night in a hotel which the boys always love doing.  We were lucky to get in somewhere as it was so busy with lots of hotels being booked out because of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race, New Years Eve and the Taste of Tasmania all being on around the same time.  There were so many tourists about.

Harri obviously didn't know if it was summer or winter! ;)

Before we went to the cricket we spent some time shopping - we didn't make it in time to see the cat and the fiddle clock go off.
Harri is so much like Aaron with his love for sports and sport clothing - especially expensive shoes! He's always wanting the newest, coolest pair of shoes but he has to keep dreaming.
Jay had gone off to take photos (his favourite thing to do right now) and when we met up he showed us this awesome wall.

Before we went to the cricket we grabbed some tea at Burger Haus with Tim and Helene and their friend Paul who was down in Tassie for work from Queensland.
Jay isn't a cricket fan (or sport fan of any kind!) so he went to the movies while we were at the cricket.  I asked him if he felt strange going on his own (I actually love going to the movies by myself) and he said he didn't until the guy selling tickets said 'is it just you?'. He had a bit of a laugh about that.   I really don't know why he didn't want to come and put on a bucket head with us!?
The cricket was lots of fun but Harri was a bit emotional as he was the only one going for Adelaide (again so much like Aaron - going for anyone other than his state team!). 
The cricket is always lots of fun with music and fireworks and the crowd getting into it. There was a competition going that if you sang along to Richard Marx's song 'Right Here Waiting' and they got you on camera on the big screen you could be chosen to go  on the field at half time to attempt catching the cricket ball. If you caught them you won some cash.  Tim, Helene and I thought we would give it a good crack, and although we didn't get on the screen this photo was posted on the Hurricane's Facebook page the next day! It crack me up every time as it looks like we were drunk or something, but we were only drinking water and were just having lot of fun getting into it :)
The kids wanted to hang around to get autographs after the game and were excited to get a few.
It was a very late night by the time we got back to our hotel, so it was hard to drag ourselves out of bed the next morning.
How cute are the houses outside our hotel window!
We met up with our friend Dan and his kids for brunch at Honey Badger.  We missed you Lou - some people have to work while the rest of us are on holidays!

Tim and Helene met us just as we finished and the guys noticed I was taking a pic and tried to look cool and skinny :)

Because the Taste of Tasmania was on there were lots of free events on for the kids.  It turned out that the Hobart Hurricane players were actually in the park for an hour, so the kids were so excited to play cricket with them and get more autographs.

After hanging out with the cricket players we went to the Taste to grab some lunch. 

Before going home we had a super quick stop at Mona to check out this room that we had seen people share photos of.  It looks much bigger in photos - it's actually a very small room with mirrors which makes it look a lot bigger.

Milly stayed at my Mum's house for about four days even though we went to Hobart for a night, as she just stayed on from when we were there after Christmas.  Mum said Josie and Milly had the best time just playing together.  I went to pick up Milly the next day and the two of them greeted me at the gate - they were so cute.  Both of them were very quiet for a few days after I brought Milly back home. We think they were missing each other a lot!  It was actually very strange not having Milly at home for so long, and the boys missed her heaps.  I missed her too as it was just so strange without her - it definitely felt like someone in our family was missing. It's crazy how a dog can just feel like such a part of your family (even to a non dog lover!).

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