Monday, 23 May 2016

Wishing He Had Four Eyes

When Jalen got his glasses last year, Harri and Kobe were both very jealous. I remember when I was little that hardly anyone wore glasses, and there was no way that you would ever wish that you had glasses. 

At the beginning of the year Harri started to complain that his eyes were sore when he was reading.  He had been hooked on the Harri Potter series and had been doing lots of reading, so I thought that maybe his eyes were tired.  He kept on complaining and said it was also happening at school.  I thought he was just wanting glasses like Jay, but thought I had better get his eyes checked out just in case.

His eyes weren't too bad, but the optometrist said he could definitely get glasses to help him when he's reading or on his iPad.  He kept grinning at me like 'told you so!' and was so excited to choose some frames.  His face doesn't look amused, but trust me - he was super excited! I wasn't so excited about my bank balance. 
He kept on saying he wanted some frames like Jay's and I kept telling him that Jay's were very similar to mine, but he wasn't having it! Apparently I'm not as cool as Jay (even though I actually am!).   He was very excited when his glasses came in.

Kobe was devastated when he heard that Harri was getting glasses, and then started complaining about how sore his eyes were! I knew he was just wishing he had glasses, but the lady at the shop said it wouldn't hurt to book him in and check. He had to wait a couple of weeks and was so excited when he found out it was his turn.
As I expected his eyes were totally fine. When the optometrist started to tell him that his eyes were good, I could see that his bottom lip was quivering. I told him it was good that his eyes were good because it meant he had the best eyes in the whole family. He wasn't convinced that it was a good thing though.  When we went back to the front of the shop, the lovely manager pulled out a pair of frames and asked Kobe if he would like to keep them.

He was so excited, and has been wearing them heaps - just like they are real glasses. He loves it when someone says to him 'cool glasses Kobes!' as they think he really has glasses, and then he pokes his fingers through to the other side, to show them they are just empty frames, and has a great laugh.
He's such a funny kid.  Thanks Lisa at OPSM Kings Meadows for making his day.  He does look very cute with his glasses, even though he doesn't need them.

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  1. I remember getting glasses in 5th grade. I was so embarrassed and dreaded the thought of being called 4 eyes so I took them off as soon as I got to school and never wore them for a year. The next year when it was time for the eye check at school, I put them on, realized how much they helped and never took them off.
    My younger sister who never needed glasses got a couple pairs of cheap glasses with no prescription just for fashion's sake in high school. I could NOT understand why anyone would want to wear glasses when they didn't need to. Guess she has company in Kobe :)


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