Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Great Euro Circus

While we were in Hobart when Dad was in hospital, we were excited to see that the circus was there.  Aaron and I took Jay and Harri to the same circus four years ago and remembered how great it was, so I told the boys that if it came to Launceston I would make sure we went. 

Kobe was ecstatic when he saw the huge blow up clowns appear all over town and screamed 'I knew the circus would come here!!!'.   I had planned on buying tickets but was blown away when I saw someone tag me on Facebook in a competition that was being run on the circus' Facebook page.  The competition was to nominate a 'local legend' who deserved a family pass to the circus.   It was so lovely that a couple of people nominated us, but I thought that if anyone deserved to be called a 'local legend' it is our friends the Duffys.  They are an amazing family whose son Jack is severely disabled.  We actually met them just after Noah passed away and I was so touched when they came to Aaron's funeral, even though they didn't know us very well at the time.

They have done some amazing things with Jack to raise money for charity and also Jack's needs including Kayaking around Tasmania (with Jack in the Kayak for an hour at a time), running in a marathon (with Jack being pushed by his Dad Chris) and now they are about to walk the Overland Track (65 km!) with Jack being carried on his Dad's back in a pack.   This time they are hoping to raise $70,000 for Life Without Barriers.   You can check it out on a Facebook page that has been set up. 
I decided to nominate the Duffys and was so happy and excited to hear that they won a family ticket, and couldn't believe that we had also won tickets.  The guy I spoke to from the circus was so lovely, and said that he had checked out my blog because someone had put a link to it as part of their nomination for us to win tickets, and he thought that we both deserved tickets and said that he hoped that the circus would put a smile on the boys faces.   It definitely did that! 
 We were very lucky to be given a ticket for Mum as well, and it was nice to all go together.
Even though we saw the same circus four years ago, it was a lot different this time. The acts were just as incredible and we loved it even more than last time. I think the boys appreciated it a lot more now that they are older. 
Kobe was freaking out when the human cannonball act came on.  He was sure there was going to be a huge noise and kept covering his ears and started crying and asking if he could go out.
He was pleasantly surprised that there was no noise and said 'actually that wasn't that bad!'.  He told me that next time we go he will watch it :)
We were amazed at the strong man who could pick up 70 kg weights with his teeth and also move a car with his teeth!
I loved the clowns. They were hilarious and got members of the audience up to do different things.
We also loved the horse act.  He was trained to go to 'sleep' on the bed and when he was told to wake up he kept pulling the blanket back over himself.
The motor bikes riding in the ball is always incredible.
 It went for two hours but the time just flew by, because every act was so amazing. 
Thank you to the kind people who nominated us, and to The Great Euro Circus for the tickets. We had the best time and can't recommend it enough.
The Great Euro Circus blogged about their time in Launceston and I was surprised that they mentioned us - such kind and generous people.  Thank you!


  1. Wasn't it fantastic! I took my eldest a few years go but took all three this year (actually we are in the background of your photos!). It was fantastic to watch the children's reactions more than the show, my girls loved the costumes and all the acrobats, and Rory loved the motorbikes and scary stunts! Glad you enjoyed. x

  2. I'm so glad you AND the Duffys could go! You have blessed so many lives, Lisa. I hope you know how loved you are! <3


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