Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Guide Falls

A while ago my friend Makayla blogged about going to Guide Falls.  I hadn't even heard of Guide Falls before, but I have wanted to go there with the boys ever since seeing her blog about it. 

Last week my sister Nicki and her husband Alex, and their kids came down to Tassie for school holidays, so I suggested going to Guide Falls may be something fun we could do together while they were down.   It's our first week of school holidays in Tassie this week, so we organised for my sister in laws and their kids and my Mum to come along too (all the Dads were at work) and we all followed each other up to Ridgley, which is about 15 km west of Burnie.   We were lucky that it was a mild winter's day.
It was a really short five minute walk along a track from the bottom car park to get to the lower falls which are really pretty.
Just a little futher along are some magnificent falls. 
All of the grandkids were there except for Noah and Lachie who wasn''t feeling well, and stayed home with my brother Eden.
I think all the little kids were jealous that Jay got to go right over near the falls.  He was just a little bit wet when he came back!
How cute is my nephew Ezra?!
There's just a few steps to get to the top of the big falls, where you can look out over the top.  You can also just park at the top to see the big falls.
There was so much spray from the falls, that we thought it was raining at first.
The falls were really beautiful, and it was worth the drive to see themBecause the walk is so short we planned on going to Ulverstone for lunch and a play on the way home, to make a day of it.  My niece Maddi was keen to go there to see her old house and places she used to play.  We had a play at the park, and then headed to the beach for a little bit.
The kids had fun writing in the sand, and finding beach treasures.

My sister in law Steph said that she wishes she had a pause button for Jay, as he's just growing up so fast lately.  He loves that he's finally growing and is almost taller than me.  I'm very lucky that he's such a good boy still.  We joke about him being a horrible teenager, but I've been very lucky so far.
Harri spent ages writing things in the sand for Aaron and Noah and about our family.
I commented tonight that his handwriting actually looks a lot like Aaron's, which he was so happy about.
 It's so nice to have all the cousins together again. 
 The 'now you can pull a silly face' shot :)
We had to get a photo of all us girls.  It's so nice to have my sister Nicki home, for a little while.   It feels like my sister in laws Becky and Steph are my sisters.   I don't know how my brothers got so lucky in getting such lovely wives ;)  I think we were laughing at Becky saying she was pulling a grumpy face.  Newborns can do that to you ;)
Today was a lovely start to our school holidays.

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  1. Looks like a great spot! Love the last photo especially!


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