Saturday, 26 July 2008

A New Nephew!!

Steph gave birth tonight to a little boy!!! Last time she was induced, so she was hoping to go naturally and fast this time - and fast it was! Her waters broke as they were coming into Launceston and their son was born 5 to 10 minutes after she was in the labour room!! Steph's Mum - Val and Chloe also went in with them as Val knew he was coming very soon and they thought it was a good idea she was with them just in case. They weren't in the room when he was born, but it's nice that Chloe could meet her little brother so soon after he was born.

Eden rang to tell us, and sounded very happy and excited about it all. They don't have a name yet and he also hadn't been weighed when I spoke to Eden so I don't have any details except he looked smaller than Chloe when she was born, and has less hair than she had.

We can't wait to meet him. It's sad that Mum and Dad are both away but hopefully everyone will be home soon (including Chrish!! hint hint!) and can meet their new Grandson/Nephew.

Just got an update from Eden - still no name but he was 7 lb 10 oz and 52 cm long. They have a couple of names in mind and Eden thinks he will give in and let Steph have the name she wants as he got to choose Chloe's name :)


  1. Congratulations Eden, Steph & Chloe.

  2. Wow! What a fast update! Hope there's photos of him on here tomorrow.

  3. Can't wait to find out the name. Wow that was quick. How exciting for them a a new cousin for the boys!!

  4. Oh how exciting! So glas he arrived safely and without (from what I can tell) any dramas...what a lovely blessing a new baby is!

  5. I just knew there would be a blog on here about it when I hooked up my net, glad to see I wasn't let down Marge.

    Here I was talking to Steph the night before and she said no rumblings yet and then bang they nearly need to deliver on the side of the road.

    Good to see another nephew born, all you guys are doing well with keeping the kid count up :)


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